Strindberg and Helium FAQs.

Thanks to all the Strindberg and Helium fans out there. We get a lot of emails with some of the same questions, so we thought we'd post this Frequently Asked Questions page, to give some answers.

Q: Will there be more Strindberg and Helium episodes?
We hope so. We just don't know when. But we know there is support out there for more, and we hope to be able to satisfy the hunger. We're just pretty busy and we all live in different corners of the country now, so it's tough to get everyone together.

Q: What does Helium say in Absinthe and Women when August is hitting on the woman at the bar?
Helium chirps: "Who's hot tonight, Strindberg's hot tonight." And then repeats it in the way helium does.

Q: What is Helium?
A joyous, floating friend we created to brighten Strindberg's day.

Q: Did you know that Strindberg uses the wrong pronunciation of the word sou?
Uh…yeah. It was a mistake we know it should sound like SOO, not SOW.

Q: Did you also know that the chemical symbol F is not for Iron, it should be Fe?
Thank you for pointing that out. It was a mistake.


If your question isn't answered on this FAQs page, feel free to email us.


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